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Live goes deep while searching

Posted in Tips by Chakravarthy on December 4, 2007

Most of the industry say that, Google is the top search engine and will give you lot of results when you search. But the missing point is that, Live Search gives you deeper search when compared to Google.

Surprising !!!! i just did a small search for my name, Chakravarthy, at both the search engines. To make the figures matter, i go upto 100 pages in Live Search results. Where as, Google takes me only upto 84 pages. To my surprise, when i go back to the 83 page, then i see the search pages count is increased from 84 to 87. is isn’t it weird ..

And adding to my surprise, i read a statement at the bottom of the last search page as

In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 870 pages already displayed


Don’t believe !!!! Try out your self..


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