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Laptop under $100

Posted in Micrsoft Promotions, Tips by Chakravarthy on December 11, 2007

That’s true, you read the title correct. BBC recently wrote about this on 6th Dec 08. Microsoft is working out towards the XP operating system to be a reality on the co called $100 laptop or XO. If things go as scheduled, $100 Laptop or XO will be a reality by the mid 2008.

James Utzschneider, GM for Marketing and Communications from Microsoft, wrote about this at his blog. According to him, about 40 engineers are working towards mid 2008 to come out with a production-quality release. The XO laptop works with 1GB Flash memory, when compared with traditional Hard Disk Drive.

OLPC, One Laptop Per Child, organisation is having a great idea towards making this product into a reality. During June 2008, Intel announced a laptop under $220 with a title as “Classmate PC“. This is similar to that of XO laptop, but some of the basic difference is kind of 2GB Flash memory in ClassmatePC, where as 1GB in XO laptop.

These kind of laptops are really good towards educating the next generation kids towards the technology. Isn’t a great work..


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