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What type of Project is needed by your client?

Posted in 2012, November by Chakravarthy on November 19, 2012

Most of these days, everyone are moving to cloud apps. More or less, they are deciding to have their applications be available on web. Is it a trend or all requirements are demanding to become web apps?

Before we proceed further, from my understanding is that the need of the application decides the nature of the application, neither the investor nor any other party that is involved in the application life cycle. NOT EVEN THE END USER.

But how do we understand the nature of the application?

The below questionnaire helps in understanding the current requirement.

Sl Question Yes/NO/NA
1 Are your users comfortable using a Web browser?  
2 Are your users located in remote sites?  
3 Do your users in remote sites have access to the Internet?  
4 Are you creating a Business to Business (B2B) application?  
5 Are you creating a Business to Consumer (B2C) application?  
6 Is the amount of data entered minimal?  
7 Is the amount of data to display on the screen minimal?  
8 Is the number of fields on the screen fairly small?  
9 Does each user "own" their data?  
10 Are the same rows of data rarely updated by multiple users at the same time?  
11 Is this application mainly for light data entry, where speed of data entry isn’t critical?  
12 Is there a lot of data review that requires "tall" pages?  
13 Do your users like to scroll through the data, as opposed to tabbing through data?  
14 Are there minimal data items on a screen that cause other data to change on that same screen?  
15 Can your users minimize the need to exchange data dynamically with other products running on the same desktop?  
16 Is performance a secondary consideration?  
17 Do your developers (or you) want to develop for the Web?  
18 Do your developers (or you) have the skills to develop for the Web (or can they quickly learn how)?  
19 Do you want a very graphically appealing look and feel?  
20 Do you have a lot of large screens that would warrant scrolling windows?  
21 Is it important to keep deployment costs to a minimum?  
22 Is it important to keep upgrade costs to a minimum?  
23 Will there be frequent updates to software?  
24 Can you hire/train Web programmers more cheaply than desktop programmers?  
25 Do investors and/or shareholders want a Web application?  
26 Would your users prefer a browser interface to a desktop application?  
27 Do users in remote sites have a high-speed connection to your internal network?  
28 Is it fairly easy to install Internet access in remote sites?  
29 When your users travel, do they usually have access to the Internet?  
30 The application interacts with other providers over internet (such as weather notifications, GPS, GIS, etc) ?  
31 Is this application only for one department?  
32 Is there a need to connect to special hardware?  
33 Do you need Drag-and-Drop support in this application?  
34 Are you designing a game, CAD, or CAM application?  
35 Do you need a lot of special controls for limiting data input (such as input masks)?  
36 Can deployment of this system be done through a network, by distributing CDs, or using push servers?  
37 The major portion of the user make use of this application from work desk?  
38 Is there a scope of gadgets usage in the near future?  
39 The application should function when the data is modified by other users? (And yet, warn the user before committing?)  
40 The application should have a facility for auditing the data manipulation?  
41 Can the application be hosted on intranet of the deployment location?  
42 The application doesn’t demands the data sharing from online portals (such as XE for all the latest currency details) ?  
43 The count of the multiple users at any given point is greater than 10?  
44 The count of the concurrent users at any given point is greater than 1000?  
45 The users systems are built with Intel ‘x’Core / Pentium technology?  
46 Are the user systems within the secured environment?  
47 There will be multiple versions of this application and buyers are licensed WRT these versions  
48 Can upgrades of this system be done through a network, by distributing CDs, or using push servers?  
49 The application does not demands extensive processing power?  
50 Can the application be split into different hosts, depending on the roles of the different users?  


Now that we have some understanding about the requirement, then how do we compile this information.

Step 1) Please replace all the Yes / No / NA with 1/0/-1 respectively from the below table

Step 2) Add the responses from Q1 to Q31 and store it separately

Step 3) Add the responses from Q32 to Q50 and store it separately

Step 4) Subtract  Step 3 result from Step 2 result

You would get a final number either +ve or –ve.

Response 1) Any number that is greater than 10, that is a need of WebApplication

Response 2) Any number that is less than 10 and a non-negative number indicates the need of a WinApplication

Response 3) Any negative number reflects as a smart client (or) split application architecture


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