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IE 8 Beta1 and SL2.0 – Today

Posted in ASP.NET, Blogs, Micrsoft Promotions, Silverlight, Tutorials, Webcasts by Chakravarthy on March 6, 2008


Today, I’ve downloaded IE8 beta 1 as well as Silverlight 2.0 installed on my laptop. This day have seen many products released at Mix 08 by great personalities like Scott GuthrieBob Familiar, Guy Burstein, IEBlog, etc. According to Jane Kim at an interview for Mix08, Activities and WebSlices are two of the most exciting new features in IE8.


Apart of IE8.0 and SL2.0, there are other products such as

I’ve downloaded all these .. and am trying out one by one .. what about you??


Servers at Home

Posted in Micrsoft Promotions, Tips, Webcasts by Chakravarthy on December 11, 2007

Servers belong to Office. All these days, wife’s worry that their husband not only work wholly with LapTop, on top of this, Micorosoft is coming out with one more product titling as “Stay at Home Servers“. Don’t you believe this .. pay a visit to their product page. Microsoft addresses this as “WindowsHomeServer“. The advantages explained in nice video. This video has all the possible places that every home can have and what every one can do from every location of common home.

Where are we going .. and where is the infrastructure is moving to ?? anyhow, when will India have all such infrastructure inbuilt apartments or homes built with such facilities.

Mix: UK 07 Vedios

Posted in Code, Tips, Webcasts by Chakravarthy on December 5, 2007

For all those who didn’t attend the Mix at UK during Sep 07, here is a good news. The good news is not only for those who didn’t attend the MIX, but for all the technology lovers as well as persons who are passionate about latest technology happenings.

The two day event is now available for offline viewing at their website. Here is the link that give you the download of all the videos of all the sessions that happened. Isn’t nice for all of us, who missed the event and who couldn’t afford to attend the event.

It’s time to download and view them offline. Am going to download all the events, if any of you doesn’t have the i-net connectivity or by any issue, could not download these videos, drop me a mail at DSKCHECK at MSN dot COM

Catch you later..